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March 24, 2007

My new working slave

My new slave FagarellaHey sluts! One of my new working slaves is ready to give service for the price of .99cents. Are you ready to work for me and make extra money on the side? Set your own hours and make your own price. Contact me. I also provide free banners for your advertising.


March 17, 2007

Assignments Available

Hey inferior pets. Come and get your assigments HERE


March 16, 2007

Hey Greg what about thoes knee caps?

So um Greg I hear your knee caps are raw from me making you bow on your knees for long periods of time and suck cock as I watched from a distance. I have to tell ya, that session was long as fuck $200 an hour 4 1/2 hours. Shit I got tired of yapping my mouth forcing you to take it like a pro-slut but then again the money was worth it. I just sat there on my ass watching you suck that big black cock, gaging with balls resting on your chin, lol …u should have seen his face…he loved and hated it at the same time…*chuckles ..until then continue to amuse your black Goddess

March 10, 2007

Whats new

So whats new you worthless self esteem peasants? Its been a while since I post so now the African Queen is about to go voo doo on your asses. New piggy punks are wanted and you fuck faces will support my ridicoulous spending habits until you go rasins on me. *snaps finger*

January 19, 2007


Hey fag-bags. Who’s next to be used as a punching bag? A retard on my job belives women are of the lesser intelligence. Since I cant place my hands on him, you will do. I cant wait to crack my knuckles on your 4 head. Did you know Im a Karate expert in ball busting . Uh huh yea. I want ball flesh on my 8″ heels. grrrrrrr

January 18, 2007

My Pet Begs me

One of my Cash-cunts begged to kiss my ass in so many forms. I thought it was so funny. He’s in his office with his business suit on pretending he is speaking to a client. What really turned me on is that he wasnt on a lunch break. heheheh Breaking the rules hey. Did it ever cross your mind that one day you are waiting for an very important person to handle your paperwork and he’s on the phone with a mistress taking forever to service you hmmmm…You fluffers keep my blood going…toodles

January 17, 2007

Do u punks miss me

I have been very busy these past couple of weeks for the new 2007. You bitches have been sending that cash as I’ve instructed and all I do is spend it like theres no tomorrow..hahha… Do you want to join the team bitch boys? I love squeezing your pathetic lives to total ruin. A black bitch with a pussy is always in control….

January 10, 2007

Tax Time for my slaves

As you bitches know it is tax time and expect perfection from you cunts. Make the Goddess happy and win my approval for the year 2007. With your tributes I will advance my empire.

January 1, 2007

Live cam !

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Come see me live on cam. Experiance a beautiful ebony Goddess take over your mind and leave your drained.

December 13, 2006

Money Mistress

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I love making fun of weak pathetic dick breath sissies. Cash Cunts who spend on ridiculous shit can convert over to your new idol Domina S. You will obey your thirst for a beautiful ebony Goddess who loves to use maggots at my own amusment.

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